Introducing Biomatters Cluster


AMBIANCE, BIO-UPTAKE, GREEN-LOOP, NEW WAVE, VITAL and Waste2BioComp have united under the common aim of making sustainable processes and products a norm in the EU. To achieve this, they have formed the BIOMATTERS Cluster. All projects receive funding under the Horizon Europe Programme and share a vision of providing a viable alternative to conventional materials by introducing novel materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.

Teaming up their resources and expertise, these projects form an awareness powerhouse, engaging stakeholders and the broader public in the journey toward sustainable manufacturing. As a collective, this cluster aims to spotlight and address today’s pressing challenges, utilising bio-based materials to generate innovative solutions.

This collaborative endeavour boosts the visibility of each project’s significant research outcomes and strengthens the ties and cooperation among various EU-funded research initiatives. Beyond individual achievements, the BIOMATTERS Cluster becomes a driving force that will propel us toward a more sustainable and innovative future.